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54.5% Agree Cyberbullying is a Social Issue

by Shah Farouq

The UCSI Poll Research Centre released the results of a poll on cyberbullying. The poll was conducted among 640 people in Malaysia, and the margin of sampling error for this sample size was +/- 4%.

The respondents were asked whether they agree to cyberbullying is a normal part of the online world and there is nothing that we can do to stop it.

The results showed that 45.0% of the respondents disagree, 37.7% agree, and 17.3% are neutral. The survey continued to ask if they think cyberbullying is a social issue and results showed that 54.5% of the respondents agree whereas 19.8% disagree, and 25.6% are neutral.

The survey further asked about the respondents’ perception of legal and privacy protection in cyberbullying. The results showed that 60.3% of the respondents agree that the legal protection of cyberbullying victims was insufficient, 14.2% disagree, and 25.5% are neutral about it.

When they asked if the existing laws and policies are hard to punish cyberbullies, 55.2% of the respondents agree, 19.1% of the respondents disagree, and 25.7% of the respondents are neutral.

When the respondents were asked whether their personal data was vulnerable and easily used as a strategy for cyberbullying, 56.9% of the respondents agree, 23.9% disagree, and 19.2% are neutral.

Nowadays, cyberbullying occurs more frequently, and wide usage of the internet and social media may be one of the stimulus factors. Cybersecurity Malaysia stated that 201 reports of cyberbullying or harassment were received in 2019, 596 reports in 2020, and 267 reports by July 2021.

Cyberbullying has become a social issue, and more than half of the respondents (54.5%) agree. However, the existing laws and policies are insufficient in providing confidence to the public in protecting them from cyberbullying.

The process of government in drafting laws specifically in combating cyberbullying may need to expedite since the public are heavily active on the internet and our personal information is exposed on the internet daily.

Combating cyberbullying is the responsibility of every individual user as well by not spreading negative comments and reporting to the authorities to prevent more cyberbullying cases happen.

For more details, contact us at ucsipoll@ucsigroup.com.my or visit www.ucsipoll.org.my

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