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AirAsia Launched #TimeToListen Campaign to Speak Up Against Prejudice and Discrimination

by Shah Farouq

AirAsia has launched a public awareness campaign to stop the stigma by championing various people who have overcome social prejudice and biases and giving them a platform for their voices to be heard.

As part of its long-term initiative, AirAsia on Tuesday released a 5-minute video featuring a variety of people whose life stories and lived experiences represent and embody diversity.

“As people have always been at the heart of AirAsia’s culture and value system, it was important for us to make sure we are as genuine and honest as possible in our approach to this,” said AirAsia’s Chief Brand Officer Rudy Khaw.

After much in-depth and eye-opening discussions, we decided the best way to show our belief in people was to empower individuals who had faced prejudice all their lives, by offering them a platform to be heard. We genuinely believe in using the reach our brand provides to the otherwise unheard.

“It is their stories to tell and engage, not ours, but we’re proud to be able to provide that space. By listening to their stories told in their own voices, we hope to raise awareness and collectively appreciate the diversity of the world around us,” he explained.

People featured in the video are

Airliftz – A Malaysian rapper and producer with a facial deformity

Andi Miranti – A published author and illustrator with autism

Solomon Lim – A hearing-impaired ride hailing driver

Dinesh Raj – A physically disabled Allstar who overcame a life altering accident

Puan Shiella – A single mother of two and survivor of an abusive marriage who now runs an NGO

Catherine – One of the youngest leaders of an airasia business

In the video, each of them shares their stories with a strong message in hopes of encouraging the public to take a long hard look at their own biases, and stop the stigma.

“As many people know, AirAsia has always been about people and we believe in giving equal opportunity for everyone who wants to be the best, regardless of creed, colour, sex, age and mental or physical disability,” said Chief Executive Officer, Capital A Group, Tony Fernandes.

“We understand and feel for so many people who are treated differently or ostracized at work or in society because of racism, sexism, ageism and other prejudices that are pervasive in the system.

“We wanted to open up the conversation surrounding social stigma and create a safe space where individuals can freely express themselves, and not fear being judged.

“As a pioneer in challenging equality, we are proud to renew our commitment to remove stigma and champion diversity of all kinds and not only in the workplace but in the broader society,” he added.

The second phase of the #TimeToListen campaign, set to kick off in March, will be the launch of a platform where AirAsia invites people to share their stories of prejudice, or to nominate and share the journey of individuals who have braved through it.

The space will be for anyone who want to tell their story from their own perspective, with the main aim of trying to bring awareness and remove stigma via AirAsia’s #TimeToListen campaign.

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