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Dable Published the ‘Malaysia Digital Media Report 2022’ Boasting One of the Most Diverse Media Networks

by Shah Farouq

Dable, one of the leading content discovery and native advertising platform, announced that it has published the ‘Malaysia Digital Media Report 2022’ that provides an overview of the digital media landscape in Malaysia.

The report contains an overview of the Top 30 media sites and top media groups in Malaysia with data sourced from Similarweb (a digital intelligence provider) and an in-depth profile of Dable Malaysia’s reader inventory. Dable is currently partnered with over 75 premium media sites in Malaysia.

According to the report, Malaysia’s Top 30 media list  includes ‘Utusan’, ‘New Straits Times’, ‘Sinar Harian’, and ‘China Press’ of which were sorted into the following languages: Malay (14), English(11), and Chinese (5).

In terms of the media category for the Top 30 media, the majority belonged to General News (67%) while the remaining fell under Lifestyle (33%).

The report also shows detailed media that belong to mega media groups such as ‘Rev Media Group’ – one of the leading digital publishers in Malaysia; followed by ‘Media Chinese International’ (MCIL) – the biggest Chinese language media group; ‘Kumpulan Karangkraft’ – the biggest Malay media group and more.

The highlight of the Malaysia Digital Media Report is the first-ever showcase of Dable’s Malaysian audience profile. Dable analyzes over 28 billion user data logs across Asia every month.

Earlier this year, it took a deep dive into Dable’s Malaysia-generated data and found many interesting insights. Dable has the most diverse media network in Malaysia supporting publishers in Malay, Chinese, and English.

By analyzing the inventory it was concluded that the Malay media contributed to 54% of the overall pageviews in December 2021.

Furthermore, Dable’s inventory spans across a diverse range of categories including General & Industry News, Lifestyle & Entertainment, Fashion & Luxury, Tech & Gaming, Food & Beverage, Education, Sports, and Automotive.

The report also revealed a summary on media usage based on an internal data analysis. The results of this analysis showed that out of all media website users, 79% consume news contents via mobile, which are browsed mostly through Chrome (61%) with lifestyle content tending to attract a younger audience.

In terms of gender distribution, the number of male users were identified to be 48% while female users were 52%. An age-based distribution showed that the 35 to 44 age group showed the highest media consumption rate, followed by the 25 to 34 age group, and the 45 to 54 age group.

“We’ve grown steadily over the last two years despite the many challenges,” said Chief Global Officer at Dable, Sewon Yoon. “We are proud to serve over 75 media sites in Malaysia and we hope that the data shared in this report will help our clients with insights to discover new customers,” he concluded.

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