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DHL Express Malaysia Simplifies Payment on Delivery with Digital Collections Gateway from Standard Chartered

E-payment solution is set to offer customers a seamless payment option that automatically reconciles payment from multiple channels.

by Gopalakrishnan Nair
DHL Digital Payment

DHL Express is introducing the national QR standard to its e-payment solution in Malaysia on 1 December 2021. Powered by Standard Chartered’s Straight2Bank Pay, DHL Express’ couriers will be able to generate a dynamic DuitNow QR code on their handheld scanners containing details specific to each transaction.

With this latest feature, customers can authorise e-payments for their outgoing shipments at point of pick-up as well as for duties and taxes on incoming shipments at delivery. This equips DHL Express’ customers with the choice to make real-time payments in their preferred mode – ranging from bank transfers and credit cards to e-wallets and others – for a seamless payment journey. All transactions are authenticated and tracked via Straight2Bank Pay, enabling DHL to automatically reconcile payments from multiple channels.

“As a company highly interwoven with supply chains globally and locally, we see this integration as a step forward in convenience and safety for the communities we serve,” said Julian Neo, Managing Director of DHL Express Malaysia and Brunei. “The immediate challenges of the pandemic have brought cashless and contactless innovations to the fore with staying power well into the future. As volumes of deliveries and ecommerce orders grow, we are pleased to offer our customers the flexibility of payment options while fulfilling their shipping needs.”

Straight2Bank Pay is Standard Chartered’s award-winning proposition that simplifies collections from various payment methods. Customisable to meet different business needs, the digital gateway acts as a secure single collection point for corporates and ensures a smooth payment experience for their customers.

Wendy Ang, Country Head of Transaction Banking at Standard Chartered Malaysia, commented, “To move the digital payments needle, we must address the growing need for efficient digital collections among corporates. Working with DHL on a last-mile omnichannel collection solution is an opportunity to revolutionise the logistics industry that traditionally, has high cheque issuance. Such collaborations, coupled with support from major players such as PayNet, make it possible for Malaysians to embrace a fully cashless society.”

She added that the Bank recorded a 92% growth in the adoption of digital collections among its corporate clients in 2020, with paper-based collections dropping by half.

DuitNow QR is established by Payments Network Malaysia (PayNet) and functions as a standardised QR code for cashless and contactless payments. Individuals can make payments from any participating banks and e-wallets while businesses enjoy lower costs and consolidated statements for easy reconciliation.

DuitNow QR offers interoperability and a standardised QR, ensuring inclusiveness that drives innovation and bring the benefits of real time payments to all consumers and businesses alike.

Khairuan Abdul Rahman, PayNet’s Director of Retail Payment Services shared, “With cashless payment seen as vital to the digitalisation of the economy, we welcome this collaboration to further push the cashless payment agenda. The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of cashless transactions and has shifted consumer focus towards health, security, and convenience. Having a logistic giant onboard is truly a testament to the agility and adaptability of QR payments and the boundless opportunities they offer. It bodes well with the industry’s effort to encourage the switch from paper-based payments to e-payments and reduce cheque issuance by more than half from 207 million to 100 million.”

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