Home Business ECA Group and iXblue Enter Exclusive Negotiations Period to Create New European High-Tech Champion

ECA Group and iXblue Enter Exclusive Negotiations Period to Create New European High-Tech Champion

by Shah Farouq
iXblue DriX Uncrewed Surface Vehicle

ECA Group and iXblue have entered an exclusive negotiations period to bring the two French companies together. Carried out by Group Gorgé, this operation will lead to the rise of a European high-tech industrial champion in the fields of maritime, inertial navigation, space and photonics.

Long-standing partners, ECA Group and iXblue benefit from strong technological and commercial synergies. Bringing those two companies together will create a world-class player in the civil and defense sectors. With a unique offer ranging from components to complex systems, the group will provide high performance solutions for critical missions in harsh environments.

“Our two companies share the same culture of innovation, agility and entrepreneurship that are at the heart of each of our DNAs and for which we are both recognized and valued,” explained President & CEO of iXblue, Fabien Napolitano.

ECA Group A18D Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

“The new synergies created will not only ensure we keep this DNA but will also strengthen our capacity for innovation by leveraging our complementary expertise. This will allow us to continue to push the technological frontiers and support our customers in their most demanding challenges,” he added.

Besides that, the CEO of ECA Group, Dominique Giannoni,  shared that by joining the two companies, which will employ over 1,500 people, offers great growth opportunities.

“Once combined, our various technological expertise will greatly help strengthen our leadership positions in our markets, while our complementary geographical footprint will enable us to better serve our customers by being closer to them,” he concluded.

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