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Exabytes Launches the Accelerate Women Entrepreneurship 2022

by Shah Farouq

Exabytes, Southeast Asia’s leading All-in-one Business Cloud, Digital and eCommerce solutions provider continues its effort to unlock opportunities for women owned businesses with the launch of its Accelerate Women Entrepreneurship with Exabytes 2022 initiative in conjunction with International Women’s Day 2022.

This initiative is supported by YB Chong Eng, Penang State Executive Councillor (EXCO) for Social Development and Non-Islamic Affairs, who was also present during the virtual press conference. With the tagline, #WomenWeCan, this initiative will run for its second year starting from February 2022 to June 2022.

Exabytes, with over 21 years of experience powering over 160,000 businesses worldwide to grow online, is set on its mission to accelerate women entrepreneurship by providing at least 200 women entrepreneurs from Malaysia and Singapore with the necessary tools and digital business solutions to further alleviate their business challenges.

Exabytes will be sponsoring a total of RM400,000 or S$400, 000 in the form of products and services for this initiative in Malaysia and Singapore respectively.

The success of the previous #WomenWeCan initiative in 2021 has inspired Exabytes to continue the initiative this year.

In 2021, Exabytes has nurtured 100 women entrepreneurs with free business websites or online store creation with an estimation of RM350, 000 or S$350, 000 in Malaysia and Singapore respectively.

CEO & Founder of Exabytes Group of Companies, Chan Kee Siak, said that this initiative will further empower and impact more women entrepreneurs in their journey to build a successful business online.

The efforts by many parties and organisations in inculcating the population towards engaging the entrepreneurial venture have seen success with an increasing number of entrepreneurs in Malaysia and Singapore regardless of gender.

Although women entrepreneurs have become more important players in the entrepreneurial landscape, the number is still small as compared to businesses owned by men.

CEO & Founder of Exabytes Group of Companies, Chan Kee Siak

“Aligned with the International Women’s Day theme this year #BreakTheBias as well as the Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) standards in encouraging and facilitating an environment that embraces diversity and inclusion of women in the labour force,” shared Chan.

“This initiative aims to promote equality between the status of men and women in entrepreneurship as well as boosting financial security and financial independence for homemakers who venture into businesses, who can then become role models for younger girls and provide them with confidence in business and life.

“Ultimately, we want to empower the community through these inspiring women who are after all – our pillars, whether at home or at work,” he explained.

Supported by the Penang State Executive Councillor (EXCO) for Social Development and Non-Islamic Affairs for the second year in a row, this initiative is a continuous effort to speed up the adoption of digital technology among SMEs and female business owners. 

Penang State Executive Councillor (EXCO), YB Chong Eng

“It is in our best interest to support initiatives that would further empower women, and ultimately boosting our economy. We understand that this initiative has been a success last year, and we are confident that this year’s initiative will yield greater results for the women participating in it,” said Penang State Executive Councillor (EXCO), YB Chong Eng.

“I am pleased that we are able to support this initiative, and I am excited to see these women grow. Our office always takes gender perspectives into consideration in all our decision-making, planning and administration processes. With initiatives like this, we are ensuring that equal opportunities are given to both men and women,” she said.

This round, instead of providing the entrepreneurs with a  ready-to-use website, the initiative will provide the entrepreneurs with an opportunity to build their own website through a workshop consisting of two modules at zero cost.

The “How To Build Your Website in Two Days” Workshop is in partnership with PolarisHub who will be providing this training throughout the initiative’s period. This 2-day workshop will be conducted in five different sessions from the month of February until June 2022.

“We believe that our range of digital and cloud hosting solutions would be well suited to meet the needs of entrepreneurs in building their digital presence and achieving protection, profitability and productivity for their businesses. We will be sponsoring a free WordPress Hosting and domain for at least 200 women entrepreneurs in Malaysia and Singapore for this year’s initiative,”

“Looking into the positive feedback received from last year’s participation, this initiative has helped the women entrepreneurs with gaining wider business exposure as well as boost their target market. Hence, we strongly believe that this year’s improved, specially curated initiative will be able to further empower women and enhance the SME landscape.”

“As a company that was once a startup, it is Exabytes’ dream to fully give back to the local community as well as ensuring that our initiatives are inclusive. This is also aligned with the first theme of our 21st Anniversary Campaign which is Dream. We want to be the enabler for these women entrepreneurs to grow their dreams into reality” added Chan.

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