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GDEX Berhad Launches All-Electric Motorcycle

by Gopalakrishnan Nair
GDEX Electric Bikes

GDEX Berhad launches the first electric vehicle in its fleet with the unveiling of the GDEX all-electric motorcycle recently. The electric motorcycle is part of GDEX’s Go Green initiatives, which aims to support the nation’s goal to reduce the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions intensity to gross domestic product (GDP) by 45% by 2030, as highlighted in the 12th Malaysian Plan.

Electric motorcycles are cost-effective in the long run, given that it only costs less than RM1 for a full charge and can travel up to 100km per charge cycle. Maintenance of the electric motorcycle is also minimal, compared to a conventional motorcycle.

GDEX Berhad managing director and group CEO Teong Teck Lean said, “Logistics and last mile delivery players have an important role to play in reducing carbon dioxide emissions, by making the effort to explore and adopt more green solutions in our daily operations. The electric motorcycle marks the beginning of green initiatives that GDEX is embarking on and we look forward to continually study and implement more sustainability measures going forward. In the recent tabling of the Budget 2022, the government has planned several initiatives to support the adoption of electric vehicles in Malaysia and we are grateful for such initiatives that will certainly support us in our green journey.”

Following the introduction of electric motorcycles to GDEX’s fleet, the group will explore electric bicycles and tricycles next, which will cater to a different segment of locations, such as neighbourhoods.

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