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Grab Services Disrupted Across Several Countries

Grab is experiencing services outage, with customers and drivers in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand who have problems using their application

by Shah Farouq

Grab’s services are experiencing disruption to both customers and its driver/delivery partners in several countries, including Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore.

According to The Star, Grab Drivers Malaysia Association president, Arif Asyraf, stated that he has been getting hundreds of messages about the service disruption from drivers.

“Their jobs will be affected today for a few hours and their incomes as well. The disruption started during the peak morning hours when most people would need rides to get to work.

“The good thing is Grab has informed the riders and we are also going to be monitoring social media for updates,” he said.

Arif Asyraf, adding that the service disruption started at 8.55am and that several drivers switched to alternative ride/delivery apps.

Grab, which operates ride-hailing and delivery services in South-East Asia, has acknowledged the issue on their social media account.

“We are currently experiencing a service disruption. Our teams are working hard to fix this and we will provide updates as they become available. We apologise for the inconvenience,” it tweeted.

However, it didn’t offer any explanation as to what caused the problem or when the issue would be resolved.

There were riders responding to Grab Malaysia’s announcement said they were unable to deliver customers’ food and the drivers said they were not able to log into the app to start work.

Grab services disrupted across several countries
Disruption message by Grab on their application

Users who launched the app were greeted with a message saying the company has received reports that some of its services are inaccessible.

One of our employees, even tried using the application to order food to be delivered for lunch, however the application showed that it has failed to make the order.

Several users went on Twitter and shared that they were unable to enter their destinations when requesting for rides and many even added extra funds to their accounts, but the applications showed several failed attempts. However, payment was still deducted from their accounts.

Hopefully Grab will fix the issue and their services will be available again especially for those who are depending on the application to get from one point to another.

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