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Launching of Malaysia Rubber Product Virtual Showcase at Expo 2020 Dubai

by Shah Farouq

Ministry of Plantation, Industry and Commodity (MPIC) Malaysia is launching Malaysia Rubber Product Virtual Showcase (MaRViS) on 24 January 2022, by its minister, Datuk Hjh. Zuraidah Kamaruddin, at Expo 2020 Dubai.

It is in conjunction with Malaysian Rubber Council’s (MRC) participation during week 17 of Expo 2020 Dubai, themed Energising Today- Exploring Sustainable Agricommodity. Also present was MRC’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Hizwan Ahmad.

The pandemic has altered and redefined globalisation. Thus, there’s a need to address the next steps towards the post pandemic era. One thing for certain is technology plays a big part in the growth of industries including the rubber industry.

MaRViS is developed by MRC to facilitates online business engagements as well as virtual trade shows for Malaysian rubber product manufacturers and elevates the experience and trade potential with buyers globally regardless of geographical boundaries.

MaRViS is an online platform that facilitates online business engagements between international buyers and Malaysian rubber product manufacturers without geological limits.

The sudden lockdown and invisible threat of COVID-19 have nudged MRC to rethink the way of doing business, especially to accommodate the international market. The travel limitation has halted international business dealings especially in terms of business engagements.

“We foresee Marvis will be an integral way for MRC and its stakeholders’ business dealings, moving forward. Not only this virtual platform saves a lot of cost and effort, but it is also able to reach a wider market for made-in-Malaysia rubber products,” said Hizwan.

Prominent events are being planned to be held in MaRViS, including Virtual Exhibitions, e-Global Sourcing Mission (e-GSM) and Webinars.

This virtual platform will provide a holistic online experience for international buyers on Malaysian rubber products as well as continuous support for rubber product industry players.

MaRViS will be showcasing rubber products that are produced by Malaysian manufacturers, including precured treads, engineered rubber products in construction, railway, mining and marine, latex foam and mattresses, rubber medical devices such as medical gloves, condoms and rubber catheters, rubber gloves, rubber automotive components, and green rubber.

The platform is an extension of MRC Marketplace, a buyer seller website that has been around for more than ten years.

While MRC Marketplace provides contact details of all Malaysian rubber and rubber product manufacturers and traders, MaRViS is complementing MRC Marketplace to provide better user experience. MaRViS platform can be accessed through a link at MRC website: www.myrubbercouncil.com.

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