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Leave The Subtitle “ON”

The younger generation are four times more likely to watch their movies and tv shows with the subtitles on as compared to the older generation

by Shah Farouq

Those words you read on screen while you are watching your movie or television series is called a subtitle and it has been reported by Stagetext that four out of five viewers aged 18-25 said they use subtitles all or part of the time.

Furthermore, less than a quarter of people aged between 56 and 75 said they do so, but people in that age group were almost twice as likely to say they are deaf or hard of hearing.

Subtitles make videos more accessible to a wider audience, that includes foreign-language speakers, anyone who can’t watch a video with sound and hard-of-hearing individuals. However, it has always been a divided argument as some people just do not enjoy it as it feels like “reading a movie” and some who sees it as a guidance tool for them to understand the context of the video.

Subtitles Are Acceptable

Subtitles now have a greater meaning as nowadays with increasing interest in foreign films, it has been a bridge to connect between a film and their audiences that are from other parts of the world where English is usually their second language of choice. An example of foreign series that has taken the world by storm is the famous show from South Korea called the “The Squid Game”.

According to Stagetext’s chief executive Malanie Shape interview with BBC news, that she thinks the younger generation has accepted subtitles as a norm as compared to the older generation.

“I’ll admit I’ve I sat there and gone, I really can’t be bothered to watch that foreign language film tonight. I can’t be bothered to read the subtitles. I have to be in the mood. It’s like an extra concentration level that I need.

“Whereas I think young people can take in far more information quickly because they’re used to it.

Now, young directors and designers are increasingly creating plays with captions build into the sets as “an integral part of the artistic vision of a piece” and they’re making it the norm,” she added.

My personal preference is that I love to read subtitles as I do enjoy watching foreign films so in order for me to understand how the film is going and what is being said, the subtitles are a really big help.

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