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Ligue 1: Lyon and Marseille Derby Suspended

The phrase a rotten apple spoils the barrel could be use in this case when a Lyon fan threw a bottle towards Dimitri Payets head which caused the match to be suspended.

by Shah Farouq

The Ligue 1 which is the French Football league was left in much turmoil when Olimpique Marseille’s player Dimitri Payet, was hit on the head with a bottle that was thrown by an Olimpique Lyonnais (Lyon) fan during the game at the Groupma Stadium today.

The incident happened during the rival match between the two major teams in Ligue 1 which has Olimpique in their names and the rivalry is called “Choc des Olympiques” which means Clash of the Olympics.

Only four minutes into the game, as Payet was preparing to take a corner, he was struck by a fully filled bottle on his head which was thrown by one of the Lyon fans. This has caused the Marseille forward to fall onto the ground.

Payet’s teammates who saw the incident, immediately surrounded him and then some of the Lyon players did so as well. Lyon goalkeeper Anthony Lopes and midfielder Hossem Aouar was seen pleading the supporters to not do anything else.

Players from both teams were told by the referee Rudy Buquet, to return to the dressing room as it is part of the procedure for these kinds of situation.

After a long discussion, it was confirmed by the referee that he had decided to suspend the match.

A video was later uploaded on Twitter which showed that the perpetrator who threw the bottle was slapped by one of the Lyon fans.

After the game, Lyon CEO Jean-Michel Aulas announced that the perpetrator was caught and that it was an isolated act. He also said that the club has sent Dimitri Payet their apologies regarding to the incident.

In a report by 90 Min, a television pundit, Thierry Henry said that the action taken by the fan is damaging because it will have repercussions.

“In England, for example, it will be seen. A match interrupted by imbeciles. It’s a shame because it puts a strain on our beautiful league,” he added.

Image Credit : Olimpique Marseille Instagram Account

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