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Live in the Boldest Self-Expression with the Starbucks X Christy Ng Designer Collection

by Gopalakrishnan Nair
Starbucks x Christy Ng Phone Bag

Starbucks Malaysia today debuts its limited-edition collaboration merchandise collection with local brand, Christy Ng. Designed by the eponymous designer herself, this exclusive collaboration reflects on her design story of women empowerment and liberation. Drawing inspiration from her childhood and the persevering pursuit of her dreams, this collection is available now exclusively in select Starbucks stores across Malaysia. 

The Starbucks x Christy Ng Designer Series collection features iridescent strips on an otherwise monochromatic series of products. With the strip changing colors when viewed from different angles or lighting, it reflects adaptability and the versatility of the human personality. Meanwhile, the use of black in the collection represents absolute power and timelessness, while also symbolically referencing strength, elegance and sophistication. Combining these two design elements is an allegory to the growing obscurity between “femininity” and “masculinity”, especially in style preferences.

“We are very excited to be collaborating with Christy Ng on this merchandise collection. We have long admired her passion and determination, which are reflected in her designs that have helped empowered countless women in Malaysia,” said Sydney Quays, Group CEO of Berjaya Food Berhad and managing director of Starbucks Malaysia & Brunei. “We knew that collaborating with Christy and her design team would result in a unique assortment of fashion-forward items that would be suitable for daily use, and we’re ecstatic to provide this one-of-a-kind experience available only at Starbucks locations in Malaysia.”

In conjunction with Malaysia’s 64th birthday and its growing transition towards a modern society, more women are entering the workforce in Malaysia than ever before and these unique pieces in the collection aims to help them feel powerful, cultured and confident. It encourages the notion of moving forward through resilience and creativity, by owning oneself and flaunting it out. The classic color and modern silhouettes are made unique through the interlocking “CN” symbols to form a lattice pattern across the products, which are inspired by copper pipes that were a big part of Christy’s childhood and family history.

“I am so happy to partner with Starbucks on this unique collaboration, and to showcase my story through a brand with such global presence,” said Christy Ng, Founder and CEO of Christy Ng Shoes. “My team and I have always aimed to develop avenues for women to express themselves through our designs and philosophy, and we are proud to be able to make that happen with this collection, and to empower positive changes the community deserves.”

This is the second time that Starbucks has collaborated with Christy Ng this year. Just last month, the Starbucks x Christy Ng Exclusive Mooncake Set was launched in conjunction with its Mid-Autumn festival collection. It is also the third collaboration that Starbucks has done with a Malaysian designer.

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