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MR. D.I.Y Introduces “Price Lock – Harga Kami Tetap Sama” Initiative

MR D.I.Y, chain of stores are making every effort to keep prices stable, so that they don’t burden consumers unnecessarily.

by K. Vatsala Devi
MR. D.I.Y keeps price locked down

The start to 2022 was somewhat dampened by the floods that affected many Malaysians and the looming threat of the looming Omicron variant. Despite the somber mood, it was heartening to see Malaysians coming together to help affected communities and that includes MR D.I.Y (MR D.I.Y. Group (M) Berhad), Malaysia’s largest home improvement retailer . MR. DIY is stepping up to help the people in a significant way – by helping to stretch their ringgit further. 

In addition to keeping to their promise of “Always Low Prices”, the retailer has also committed to a nationwide “Price Lock: Harga Kami Tetap Sama” initiative.  Under this initiative, the award-winning retailer has committed to not raising prices of all products across its three brands – MR. D.I.Y., MR. TOY and MR. DOLLAR – until 31 March 2022. Announcing the initiative, MR. DIY’s Head of Marketing, Alex Goh said,“The pandemic has placed a lot of pressure on the global marketing value chain.  The cost of manufacturing, transporting, and retailing goods has risen significantly, driving many retailers to pass on the additional costs to customers in the form of price increases.”

MR. D.I.Y Is a Blessing for the Lower Income Group

Her further added that at MR D.I.Y, they are making every effort to keep prices stable, so that they don’t burden consumers unnecessarily. Leveraging on their direct relationships with manufacturers, extensive logistics systems, and as always, the insights they gain from their use of data analytics, Mr. D.I.Y has ensured that they can continue to provide customers what they need, at prices they can afford. 

“Our 886 stores nationwide and our online platforms also help ensure the public can access these products conveniently.  By making this commitment to not raise prices for the foreseeable future, we are giving Malaysians the peace of mind they need during these challenging times,” added Goh.

He also said that the Group had moved quickly to ensure their stores were well-stocked with the essentials customers need, including cleaning products to help those affected by the floods, back-to-school supplies as schools reopen nationwide on January 10, 2022, through to face masks, face shields, sanitizers and other personal protective equipment to prevent the spread of the COVID-19.

In November 2021, the Group had also announced the launch of government-approved COVID-19 self-test kits, in a move to help prevent the spread of the pandemic.

Customers can find everyday essentials amongst the 18,000+ products available at MR. D.I.Y. stores; food, beverage, and household necessities at fixed prices of RM2 or RM5 at MR. DOLLAR; and affordable toys to keep children entertained at MR. TOY.  In addition, MR. D.I.Y. will also carry a range of Chinese New Year household and decor items, to ensure everyone can enjoy the upcoming festive celebration.

Information on ‘Price Lock: Harga Kami Tetap Sama is available at mrdiy.com.

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