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RIPPLE’s Bersamamu #KitaJagaKita Campaign Garners Tremendous Public Support

by Gopalakrishnan Nair

The Bersamamu #KitaJagaKita campaign that was launched on 2nd July by Media Prima’s radio platforms, Fly FM, Hot FM, One FM and Kool FM has garnered tremendous support from the general public. Till date, more than 4,000 people have requested help from all four platforms, proving that the campaign has come about at the right time for the affected Malaysians.

Since the launch, each radio station has chosen eight listeners a day to receive the RM200 monetary assistance. This assistance was done in the hopes of relieving the listeners’ burden, especially those affected by the pandemic.

In fact, one of the chosen listeners called in and told Fly FM that she had lost her jobs three times since the start of the pandemic. It became unfortunate when her family members too were laid off, making the pandemic especially hard for them to go through. It also took a heavy toll on her mental health as her father suffers from a recent stroke.

There was also another listener who went through difficult times when she lost her job and had to go litter picking just so that she could earn some money instead of begging. In addition, she was also separated from her kids, making the current situation especially painful on her.

In light of the situations faced by our listeners, Media Prima radio platforms are ready to hear and assist in any way necessary as a lot of heartbreaking and tragic stories from our listeners started pouring in since the start of the “Bersamamu #KitaJagaKita” campaign.

In addition, the campaign was also well received by artists’ friends such as MFMF, Asyraf Nasir and many more as well as the announcers from Fly FM, Hot FM, One FM and Kool FM as they also helped in promoting the campaign to the everyday Malaysians.

Dato’ Khairul Anwar Salleh, Chief Executive Officer of Media Prima Television Networks & Primeworks Studios said that due to the increase in COVID-19 cases, a lot of Malaysians are affected. He also said, “the public who are affected by the pandemic and are struggling can send a WhatsApp to 017-6846950 and share their stories or problems with us, as we’re ensuring that no Malaysians are left behind from getting any assistance. Chosen listeners will be given RM200 monetary assistance through the “Bersamamu #KitaJagaKita” campaign”.

“Bersamamu #KitaJagaKita”, you are not facing this trying time alone. Media Prima supported by Media Prima radio platforms hopes that the assistance given could lessen the burden experienced by those affected. We are in this together.

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