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Sarah Qistina Lim Claims Her 17th Consecutive Award

Malaysia Book Of Records' Youngest Perfect Pitch Sarah Qistina steals the spotlight again and wins her 17th consecutive award.

by Shah Farouq
Sarah Qistina Lim claimed her 16th and 17th award titled – Malaysia Top 10 Outstanding Vocalist Award 2021 & Malaysia Top 10 Outstanding Performer Award 2021

Sarah Qistina Lim bagged her 16th and 17th award at the Malaysia International Gold Award Ceremony 2021 for her flawless on-stage performance and outstanding vocals.

This comes as no surprise as this young performer has won multiple first-place and gold awards in various international vocal competitions in the past.

She is no stranger to the stage; she takes full charge of it, leaving her audience in awe. Her musical journey started when Sarah stunned her vocal teacher at just four years of age with her unique capability to identify and re-create musical notes – A.K.A, the perfect pitch.

As the teacher demonstrated the musical piece that Sarah was meant to practice that day, to her surprise – Sarah stopped and corrected her, saying that she was playing the song in the wrong key.

Sarah Qistina Lim claiming the ‘Youngest Perfect Pitch’ title from the Malaysia Book of Records

The teacher was amazed by the four-year-old’s unique ability to distinguish even the smallest change in key which in this case was a mere half step (semitone) due to the teacher’s mix-up from the previous class.

It was then that the teacher went on to test Sarah’s capabilities and finally confirmed that she possesses the rare ability known as Absolute Pitch (AP), often called perfect pitch (made famous by American singer, songwriter Charlie Puth).

However, it was not until the age of nine that Sarah officially claimed the ‘Youngest Perfect Pitch’ title from the Malaysia Book of Records. This ability is a bonus to her musical skill set – vocal, oboe, cello, drum, guitar, and piano.

By the age of nine, Sarah has already had the privilege of performing at the Carnegie Hall, New York on two separate occasions – the American Protégé Winners Recital 2019 and the American Protégé Winter Gala Concert 2019.

The following year, she went on to steal the hearts of everyone at the World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA) 2020 awards ceremony in the presence of Dato’ Sri Hajah Nancy Haji Shukri, Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture (MOTAC), as she claimed a gold medal representing Malaysia.

Sarah Qistina Lim

Her love and dedication for music drove her to great heights and allowed her to dominate numerous talent competitions with her natural charisma, astounding vocal range, and captivating performances.

In the awards ceremony held at the HXC Grand Ballroom, ICC Pudu on 4 December 2021, Sarah claimed her 16th and 17th award titled – Malaysia Top 10 Outstanding Vocalist Award 2021 and Malaysia Top 10 Outstanding Performer Award 2021, as an extension to her extraordinary performance at the Asia Pacific International Arts Festival 2020, where she took home the gold award in the vocal category.

Through her achievements, Sarah hopes to send a message to inspire children all over the world to embrace and reach out for their dreams, because there are endless possibilities for those who embody passion.

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