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Sarawak United Running On Passion Instead of Money

Players and Coaches of Sarawak United are still dedicated to give it their all despite not receiving their pay and bonuses

by Shah Farouq
sarawak united

Sarawak United have managed to book a spot in the Malaysia Cup quarter-finals despite losing 2-1 to Penang on Wednesday.

However, as amazing as their progression throughout the tournament has been, they also have their own problems as it has recently come to light that the Premier League runners-up, have yet to receive their salaries, promotion, and match-winning bonuses.

Despite having their off-field issues, the players and staff are still dedicated in giving their best to the club and not allowing this issue to disrupt their form.

Sarawak United has managed to progress through to the quarter-final by finishing second in Group A with 10 points out of a possible 12 and had even collected their wins against Super League sides like Penang FC and Pahang FC.

Having reached a breaking point, they have finally decided to break their silence and share their predicament to the Professional Footballers Association of Malaysia (PFAM) regarding their off-field issues yesterday.

Taking to the social media, the professional body have confirmed that a meeting with the Sarawak United players did indeed take place and that PFAM have started inquiries against the club, regarding this matter.

According to The Star, one of the club’s players said he attended the meeting with few others and hoped a solution would be reached as some of them have not been paid for three months.

“We sincerely hope that our situation can be resolved soon. In my case, I’ve not received my salary and bonuses for two months,” he said.

“We’ve worked hard for the team to get promoted to Super League 2022 and now the quarter-finals of the Malaysia Cup, it is only fair that our remuneration is received. Getting paid on time also helps to boost the players morale”

The commitment shown by the Sarawak United players and coaches thus far has inspiring despite the fact that they have not given their fair share of bread. This goes to proof the professionalism, dedication, and passion displayed by the players, who have deep respect for the game.

The player continued to share that the coaches were owed their salaries too, but they have managed to motivate the team and it is amazing to see such unity among the team and that hopefully this matter can be put to rest soon.

Sarawak United who is led by coach E. Elavarasan will be up against Terengganu in the first leg of the Piala Malaysia quarter-finals at the Sultan Mizan Stadium on 14 November 2021 (Sunday).

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