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Shopping Galore To End 2021

by K. Vatsala Devi
shopping galore at MOP

Pre-pandemic, the idea of strolling past countless stores, admiring store windows and then walking in on a whim, running our hands on rows and rows of clothes and then walking out with shopping bags filled with favourite goodies used to be a favourite pastime for many, the writer included.

Now, window shopping or any kind of shopping has become slightly challenging with the many SOPs put in place to keep the community safe from the Covid-19 pandemic. But pandemic or not, the idea of shopping still has its allure, and it is why as soon as the restrictions in Malaysia were eased many were seen visiting malls over the weekend to make up for lost time. And I don’t blame them, so much to see and much more to buy.

Outlet Shopping Is In Fashion

For a while now, outlet malls have become a thing. And no, it doesn’t mean a place where you get bad quality or damaged items for lowered prices, and located at far flung locations. In fact, Forbes describes outlet stores as a place where companies get rid of factory seconds or outdated merchandise at a bargain. And get this, some brands even design specific product lines to be soled at these outlet stores.

Here in Malaysia, we too have quite a few outlet venues and these are known as premium outlet centres where one can get luxury items at a cheaper price. Some of the parks are the Johor Premium Outlet, Genting Premium Outlet, Design Village Premium Outlet Mall in Penang, Malacca’s Freeport A’Famosa Outlet, and Mitsui Outlet Park in KLIA.

shopping galore at MOP
The outlet at Mistui Outlet Park

Amongst these outlet parks, the nearest one for Klang Valley-ians is the Mitsui Outlet Park (MOP) that offers a myriad of upper-middle to high-end off seasoned brands and products at attractive discounts and not forgetting a Japanese Specialty Store introducing Japanese Art, Culture, Music and Culinary Delights.

Conceptualised by Japanese global architectural and design house Nonscale, MOP is developed based on the theme of “Paradise Village” featuring four distinctive concepts namely the Sunshine Square, Pier Walk, Tropical Plaza and Beach Walk, each representing the architectural design of each zone. Customers patronising the Sunshine Square will enjoy browsing through a luxury street concept sunlit by stylish skylight.

More Options For Shopping Till You Drop

Now, according to the lifestyle and news site, Says, shoppers can rejoice as there are five new reasons to visit the outlet park namely Michael Kors, Kate Spade New York, Godiva, Steve Madden and Victoria’s Secret. The five brands will be joining the rest of the existing brands such as Nike, Adidas, Versace and Tommy Hilfiger, Coach, and Furla among others.

shopping at MOP
Beautiful collection at Kate Spade New York at MOP

I am personally a fan of these outlet parks as there are a myriad of high-end brands and I have scored many great items at a discount. And they were of impeccable quality. A memorable buy at the Johor Premium Outlet was a pair of gladiator sandals from Charles & Keith that checked all the boxes for me. Not only was it great icebreaker but it even lasted me for a long while.

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Image source : Mitsui Outlet Park Instagram

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