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Smartify Global Products Keeping Valuables Safe from Thieves

by Shah Farouq

According to the Department of Statistics Malaysia 2021, property crimes have recorded a total of 52,344, concluding the report and statistics done in 2020.

This comes as a peculiar revelation, considering most were working from home these past few years due to the pandemic.

The property crimes comprise of house break-in and theft – with an approximate total of 14,0000 cases concentrated solely on house break-ins.

It’s a habitual instinct for most to choose to hide their valuables and cash in various spots of their respective homes, to hide them from prying eyes and theft; and hope that when unfortunate break-ins do happen the robber can’t find them.

Secondly, the “convenience” and not having the hassle of obtaining them from security deposit box off-site when wanted.

Keeping valuables in a security deposit box in a bank or otherwise – they have their various security SOPS and restrictions to adhere to – so before you can withdraw your valuables whenever needed you got to consider the time required beforehand.  

The Hidden Wall Safe from Smartify Global

There’s also the monthly cost that comes with having a security deposit box, and furthermore there’s a limit to its availability.

Many people resort to just keeping the valuables in their own homes, under their beds, nooks and corners of their cupboard or inside their clothes.

These are the notorious places which are very well-known to robbers, as many homes do not have security measures implemented, unlike a fully secured bank.

Safeguarding your valuable items can be a worrisome effort as you can never be at peace knowing that they can potentially be taken away; or even forgotten where we hid them ourselves.

To combat this, why not consider a safe box in your home? Many think that safe boxes are bulky and expensive besides being an eye sore.

However, safety box designs have advanced in size, designs and security measures – which can simply sit “unnoticed” in a home.  Smartify Global’s Hidden Wall Safe is such a product.  It’s the New Must-Have Home Essential for new modern homes these days.

Smartify Global, a Malaysian brand specialising in the crafting of safe boxes, has brought the knowledge and value from one of the highest quality safe products to Malaysia, with the goal of creating a premium safe for all homes.

Their latest innovation the ‘Hidden Wall Safe’, is designed to be custom fitted and bolted into the interior design of the homeowner’s choosing.

The Hidden Wall Safe will keep valuables secured

A small and slim design means you have plenty of choices on how you want it to be “customized” into your own home, making it a lifestyle product for any home.

The “Hidden Wall Safe” is designed to fit the taste of our modern generation and the style of living space that they are suited for. The wall safe is confined, ‘hidden’ and compact, kept away from prying eyes (nosy neighbours or robbers).

Powered by an AI-powered fingerprint lock, Smartify Global’s Hidden Wall Safe makes use of a patented curve door design and enhanced electronic password protected mechanics to ensure that your important belongings are safe from unwarranted intrusion so that only you have access.

We know picking the right safe box for you may not be the easiest task, with all the factors to take into consideration, such as the look and the cost of owning one. But rest easy, because Smartify Global is here to help you find the right safe box at affordable prices. Safe, stylish and secure, a luxury that you can now afford with Smartify Global.

Discover more about the product by visiting www.smartifyglobal.com.my

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