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SMEGO is the Solution for Your Business

by Shah Farouq

Nowadays, there are many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that came about during the pandemic when people were looking for extra income, however it could be troubling managing the business and tracking the data of your sales but that is where SMEGO comes in.

SMEGO is a platform that needed by the merchant in doing business today with this pandemic going on whereby they play an important role which not only assist merchant to digitize your business but also assist in providing business management and increase more selling channel to the business owner.

SMEGO founder and CEO Datuk Westin Chew

“SMEGO is a two-channel business solution which comprise of business backend solution POS system, inventory , accounting and front-end e-commerce selling, e- store, delivery integration, sync to shoppe and many more to assist merchant to sell and manage business more efficient compare to conventional platform whereby only focus on e-commerce or POS system,” said SMEGO founder and CEO Datuk Westin Chew.

“SMEGO is rather unique as it allows merchant to operate offline and online at the same time on a mobile device, this has open up more possibilities for merchant to run their business easy and effective.

“I believe that During pandemic season the most crucial for business owner is having a sustainable business solution and that’s where SMEGO is there for,” he added.

There are several benefits for the merchants who are using the SMEGO application as it is cost saving, effective in selling with more channel provided , capabilities to manage business more efficient, a low-cost platform for micro businesses to onboard and multiple solution on one application.

Currently, there are around 280 merchant who are currently using the SMEGO application even though it has yet to be promoted in the mass market, but they have planned to organize a big launch for the application.

Dato Westin also said that the SMEGO application has progressed well since the Covid-19 pandemic and is expecting to provide more services for the application.

“We have been moving toward further enhancement of Sync to more selling channel and we just completed out 1st round of equity crowd funding and we are expecting more to come next few month.

“We are definitely planning to add on more function capacity and more business solution for our merchant and we are aiming to be one of Malaysia largest Business solution on a mobile phone,” he shared.

Besides that, he also mentioned that they are also looking into making their application available in other South-East Asia countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Philippines.

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