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Superheroes may not handle cyber threats as well as ordinary folks do

by Shah Farouq
A fan cosplaying as Wonder Women

In movies or comics there is no doubt that the superheroes are the ones saving the world and protecting the weak and helpless from any form of threat. However, using their names as passwords in real life might not offer the same protection as you see on the silver screens.

In a report published by the Mozilla Foundation says users should avoid the names of superheroes as their account passwords as they are used too often and, unsurprisingly, hackers are aware of this when they’re attempting to gain access to precious personal data.

According to the study, which is based on statistics from the website “Have I Been Pwned,” accounts with passwords containing superhero names are among the most hacked.

Superhero name list to avoid as passwords

Fans cosplaying as spiderman for photoshoot

Among the top superhero names which is used as passwords are Superman, Batman, Spider-Man Wolverine, Iron Man, Wonder Woman, Daredevil, Thor, Black Widow and Black Panther.

It is also advisable to avoid using the superheroes alter egos as password such as Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, Peter Parker, and Matt Murdock.

Besides that, it is also best to avoid putting in your personal details in the password such as your first name, date of birth, favourite pet or simple combinations such as 654321.

The solution to ensure to have a password that is hard to crack would be to use a password that has a mix of numbers, special characters, capital and lowercase letters as well.

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