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UCSI Postgraduate Students’ Shine for Acclaimed Research Papers

Two postgraduate students from UCSI University's Graduate Business School (GBS) were recently commended for their top-quality research papers.

by Shah Farouq

Two postgraduate students from UCSI University’s Graduate Business School (GBS) were recently commended for their top-quality research papers.

Yang Jin’s paper titled, “Factors Affecting Customers’ Intention to Use Mobile Payment Services in the Retailing Industry”, which stood out among 134 other conference papers won the Best Paper Award in the International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Intelligent Systems (ICETIS).

Her paper studied Malaysians’ perception on the adoption of e-wallet payment.

“I come from Beijing, China, where mobile payment services are common with almost no cash transactions. You can leave your house without a wallet, but not your smartphone, as it is needed for mobile payment.

“However, this is not the case in Malaysia, so I was curious to study the perception of Malaysian consumers on using e-wallets,” expressed Yang when asked what inspired her research title.

Her study concluded that customer satisfaction and trust in mobile payments were found to have a significant relationship with the intention of adopting mobile payment services in the retailing industry.

She was supervised by Associate Professor Dr Garry Tan, who is one of the world’s top 10 researchers in mobile commerce studies.

Meanwhile, Rocky Yuan research paper titled, “Can COVID-19 Pandemic Influence Experience Response in Mobile Learning?” was listed as one of the ‘Most Downloaded Articles’ in Telematics and Informatics (Elsevier).

Last year, he won the Best Paper Award at the International Conference on Business, Accounting, Finance and Economics 2020.

His paper was on the influence of education and technology factors such as learning content quality, interactivity, user interface, connectivity, mobile usefulness, and mobile ease of use on learner’s experience response during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yuan’s work was co-authored by UCSI’s Senior Professor Ts Dr Ooi Keng-Boon. Dr Ooi was named as the World’s Most Productive Author in the field of ‘Mobile Commerce’ from 2007 to 2018 based on the Web of Science database and was also the co-supervisor.

“UCSI has invested huge resources to facilitate better learning experiences for their students and has collaborated with many top professors in enhancing the university’s competitive capacity and academic reputation,” Yuan said.

“UCSI’s teaching staff have always given their best effort in producing high-quality papers and extend the boundaries of their specialised research fields. I have seen such top-quality papers from the UCSI GBS,” he added.

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