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Will 15below Be The Difference To Malaysia Airlines Needs?

2020 was not kind to the airlines as the pandemic shut down the industry for about 20 months, which has not helped Malaysia Airlines debt issues. Can this collaborative initiative with 15below bolster Malaysia Airlines?

by K. Vatsala Devi
Malaysia Airlines

Many countries are easing the restrictions placed on tourism and travel since the Covid-19 pandemic started in early 2020. As airline companies dust the covers off their air crafts and prepare for take-off, many new changes and additional enhancements are to be expected. Malaysia Airlines – the national carrier of Malaysia – has made significant strides towards digitization by adopting automation and hyper-personalisation to keep its passengers informed and empowered with timely, relevant notifications.

Eager to be ahead of the pack, Malaysia Airlines innovative move towards recovery will certainly be lauded by customers as the airline is adapting to customers’ evolving expectations for seamless, hygienic, and safer travel experience with an enhanced customer service designed jointly with 15below, the travel industry’s leading provider of automated passenger communications.

Malaysia Airlines Headed Towards Digitization

This aims to provide timely updates coupled with convenient, seamless, and hassle-free assistance at times of unavoidable flight disruptions, empowering its passengers to take control during such situations. The project success will be measured on the adoption of customer self-service solutions, a reduction in call center and airport service desk inquiries, and an improvement in customer sentiment.

Malaysia Airlines’ Group Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer, Lau Yin May said, “We are proud of this new milestone as we redefine our customers’ travel experience and adopt industry-leading innovation and technology. We have witnessed the successful rollout of the first system cut-over in conjunction with the reopening of the recent Langkawi travel bubble. It has proven effective in keeping our customers informed and connected to the latest changes in government travel requirements,” she said.

Malaysia Airlines’ Group Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer, Lau Yin May

She further added that working their partner, 15below, Malaysia Airlines can now further elevate its customer-centric offering that is tailored to our passengers’ needs whilst they head towards this significant milestone in our digital transformation journey. With the seamless integration of this state-of-the-art functionality and automation on Malaysia Airlines’ reservation system, they will be able to deliver superior features that are cost-effective and hyper-personalised.

Meanwhile Nicholas Key, 15below CEO said “We’re very pleased to welcome Malaysia Airlines to the 15below community. Helping nearly 60 of the world’s best-known travel brands navigate disruption through the toughest period the industry has even known, we have a lot of knowledge and experience to help our newest customer keep its passengers happy and engaged. We have a lot of respect for this world-renowned brand and look forward to a great partnership going forward.”

Further shedding light on this collaboration, Yin May explained “The interaction is made easy for passengers through two-way communication. This key functionality will keep customers in control of their travel plans as they are provided with up-to-date, reliable, and timely travel information from itinerary confirmations, schedule changes, and cancellations during periods of disruption.”

The completion of Phase 2 and Phase 3 is expected in Quarter 3 of 2022, and we believe this is timely as we are preparing for a complete travel restart. I am happy to report that Malaysia Airlines has been making significant customer experience improvements across all key touchpoints,” enthused Yin May.

For further information, visit Malaysia Airline’s website. Follow us on ESPC.world for more exciting news.

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